Terms and conditions

The ut4fb.ro site is the property of S.C. UT4FB Control S.R.L registered with the trade register with RO 27267485 and J22 / 1085/2010, with registered office at Lacul nr. 14, 700704 postal code, Iasi, Iasi county and working address at Str. Islaz nr. 41, postal code 700182, Iasi, Iasi county.

1. Disclaimer

SC UT4FB Control S.R.L through the ut4fb.ro site assumes no responsibility for the descriptions of the products presented in the virtual store, which are identical to those made available to the Company by the representatives of each trademark. Images are also featured on the site as an example, and the products delivered may differ from images in any way due to changes in features or design by manufacturers.

SC UT4FB Control S.R.L can not guarantee and can not be held responsible for the fact that the information presented on the site is accurate, complete or up-to-date and the services offered through this site are accessible, uninterrupted and error-free. Please check the correctness of the specifications on the manufacturer’s site for the desired product.

The maximum amount of the Company’s obligations to any customer in the event of inappropriate non-delivery or delivery is the value of the amounts received by the Company from that customer.

2. Product warranties

The products purchased through the ut4fb.ro site benefit from the usual warranty of each product. Thus, each product will be accompanied by the warranty certificate. In the absence of such a specific document or specification, the applicable legal provisions will apply, depending on the product.

Loss of warranty certificate or invoice results in loss of warranty. The partial or total serial (S/N) serial number deletion of the products or the cases provided in the certificates or the law results in the loss of the warranty.

3. Fraud

Any attempt to access another user’s personal data or modify the content of the ut4fb.ro site or to affect the performance of the server running the ut4fb.ro site will be considered a fraud attempt at the site ut4fb.ro and will initiate criminal investigation against the one or those who have attempted this.

4. Litigation

Any dispute between Clients and the Company will be resolved amicably. If the conflict has not been solved amiably, the competent courts are competent at the Company’s headquarters.

The laws on distance contracts and on online trade apply between the parties.

5. Availability and price of products

The offers and products presented on www.ut4fb.ro are available within the supplier’s / suppliers’ stock, and the prices can be changed without prior notice.

After receiving an order in the online module via the site, the order will be confirmed by the Company and the product availability, delivery time and delivery costs will be communicated. Any commercial relationship may be considered valid only after the order confirmation and the delivery and payment terms have been confirmed.

Access to an order is permitted to any Buyer.
For justified reasons, the Company reserves the right to restrict Client access to an order and / or some of the accepted payment modalities, if it believes that based on the client’s conduct or activity on the site, its actions could be prejudicial to in some way the Society. In any of these cases, the customer may address the indicated email address in order to be informed of the reasons which led to the above mentioned measures.

By placing an order on the site, the client agrees with the form of communication (telephone or e-mail) through which the Company carries out its operations on the site.

SC UT4FB Control S.R.L does not at any time regard an order unconfirmed by the Company as having the value of a contract.

The prices displayed for products on the site will be considered without VAT 19%.

The prices shown are without the delivery costs which will be added depending on the agreed delivery method.

Delivery times usually vary between 2 and 45 business days, depending on the availability, location of your products, and your address.

If the prices or other product details were mispredicated, including because they were entered incorrectly in the database, we are given the right to cancel the delivery of the product and to notify the customer as soon as possible about the error occurred if delivery has not yet taken place.

Vouchers, promotions and other loyalty arrangements are not transferable and can not be aggregated.

If the products are paid in advance, after the successful registration of the order, if the ordered products are not available and the payment has been completed, the money will be returned to the buyer in full.

6. Returning products

According to O.U.G. 34/2014, the consumer has the right to notify the trader in writing of giving up the purchase without penalty and without invoking a reason, within 14 days of receipt of the product or, in the case of service provision, from the conclusion of the contract. The return of the products will be at the expense of the customer, within 14 days of termination of the contract. It is recommended to use the same transport service used to receive the products.

SC UT4FB Control S.R.L will return the order value as soon as possible after receipt of the returned product but no later than 14 days from the date on which it is informed of the withdrawal decision of the consumer in accordance with art. 11. The return amount and the return conditions do not include travel expenses if delivery was made by methods other than the standard offered by S.C. UT4FB Control S.R.L.

Thus, the Consumer will be able to request the return of the product, within 14 working days from the date of receipt of the package, without penalties and without invoking a reason. In the case of requesting another product, the price difference will be paid if the product is more expensive. If the customer opts for a cheaper product, the price difference will not be refunded. SC UT4FB Control S.R.L will send the requested product only after the Customer has returned the product originally purchased. Repayment of the value of the product will be made no more than 14 days after the return.

The request for return of the product will be made by e-mail at comenzi@ut4fb.ro or by completing the contact form on the site. The product must be returned with the original invoice and the original warranty certificate.

Returning money or, as the case may be, replacing products without penalties and without invoking a reason, can be done under the following conditions:

  • If the products have a seal, they must not be unloaded – the product must be returned sealed;
  • Products are not allowed to be used;
  • The state of the appliances and products purchased must be the same as when they are purchased / received, including the packaging must be kept intact
  • In the case of all perishable / consumable materials, their use (and only once) no longer allows them to be returned
  • In the case of products for which delivery is carried out, the Customer can not return them with aesthetic defects or defects due to inappropriate use.

If the product is returned to a state where it can no longer be sold as a new one, S.C. UT4FB Control S.R.L has the right to request a refund for the initial stage (if possible) or to cover the difference in price resulting from the sale of the product as second-hand or, at the customer’s option, to resell the product at its expense.

These provisions shall apply in the case of O.U.G. 34/2014, when purchasing products from this site using remote communication techniques.

In the case of return / replacement of products as a result of renunciation of purchase, the return / replacement costs are borne by the customer. Repeating the purchase repeatedly will be considered an abuse.

Definition of the sales contract (Articles 2, 5): any contract under which the professional transfers or undertakes to transfer ownership of the goods to the consumer and the consumer pays or undertakes to pay the price thereof, including any contract having as its object both products and services.

The contract is concluded when the tax invoice is issued and not when the order is issued or the automatic confirmation of receipt is issued.

According to Article 12 / O.U.G. 34/2014 the exercise of the right of withdrawal shall put an end to the obligations of the Contracting Parties. The returned product must be in the same condition as it was delivered (in original packaging with all accessories, intact labels and accompanying documents). Products with physical alterations, kicks, scratches, scratches, shocks, excessive use and / or unauthorized interventions, etc. are not accepted for return.

The provisions of OUG 34/2014 apply only to the consumer defined as any natural person or group of natural persons constituted in associations as defined in art. 2 point 2 of OG 21/1992 on consumer protection, republished, with subsequent modifications and completions.

The provisions of OUG 34/2014 apply only to individual consumers.

The consumer is only responsible for diminishing the value of the products resulting from their handling, different from what is necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and functioning of the products. According to Directive 2011/83 / EU, point 47 of the presentation: In order to determine the nature, characteristics and mode of operation of the goods, the consumer should handle and inspect them in the same way they would to do it in a shop; for example, the consumer should only try out a clothing item, not wear it.

According to art. 16 OUG 34/2014 are exempt from the right to withdraw from the Contract as follows:

– service contracts after full service, if the execution has begun with the express prior consent of the Buyer and after he has confirmed that he has become aware that he will lose the right to withdraw after the Seller completes the Contract;

– the supply of Goods and / or Services whose price depends on fluctuations in the financial market that the Seller can not control and which may occur during the withdrawal period;

– the provision of Goods made according to the specifications presented by the Buyer or clearly personalized;

– the provision of Goods that are likely to deteriorate or expire rapidly;

– the provision of Sealed Goods that can not be returned for health or hygiene reasons and which have been unsealed by the Buyer;

– the provision of Goods that are, after delivery, according to their nature, inseparably mixed with other items;

– the supply of alcoholic beverages whose price has been agreed at the time of conclusion of the Contract, the delivery of which can not be made before 30 (thirty) days and whose actual value depends on market fluctuations that the Seller can not control;

– Contracts in which the Buyer specifically requested the Seller to move to his home or to perform urgent repairs or maintenance work. If, on the occasion of such a visit, the Seller provides other services than those expressly requested by the Purchaser or supplies other Goods than the spare parts indispensable for the execution of maintenance or repair work, the right of withdrawal shall apply to such Services or Additional Goods ;

– the provision of sealed audio or video recordings or sealed computer software that have been unsealed after delivery;

– providing newspapers, periodicals and magazines, except for subscription contracts for the provision of such publications;

– the provision of digital content that is not delivered on a material carrier if the performance has begun with the express prior consent of the Buyer and after confirming that he has learned that he will lose his right to withdraw.

7. DEE legislation

Extrase din prevederile OUG 5/16.04.2015 referitoare la DEEE-uri, publicata in Monitorul Oficial in data de 16.04.2015:

Extracts from the provisions ofOUG 5/16.04.2015 on DEE, published in the Official Gazette on 16.04.2015:

Article 11:

(1) When supplying a new product at the request of the purchaser, distributors are obliged to take WEEE in one-to-one system free of charge under the same conditions as those for the delivery of the new product if the equipment is of the equivalent type and has fulfilled the same functions as the newly supplied equipment and informed the buyer about this possibility before purchasing the product. ”

Art 34:

(1) Manufacturers and distributors are required to inform purchasers when selling EEE on the costs of collection, treatment and disposal under environmental protection by separately identifying these costs.

Art 37:

In order to establish unequivocally the date on which the EEE was placed on the market, manufacturers are required to affix a marking that specifies that it was placed on the market after December 31, 2006; in this respect, the European standard EN 50419, and the Romanian SREN standard no. 50419: 2006. Registration, information and reporting.

The equipment placed on the market after 31.12.2006 has applied (on the product, instructions for use or packaging) the marking: “Bin Symbol Cut”!

Buyers can also call one of the collection points.

Any product that has the symbol:

(on the packaging, instructions for use or on the product) is the subject of a separate collection and must not be removed as unsorted municipal waste.

8. Delivery of products

Delivery of the products is done when all the details of the order have been validated (payment method, delivery time, stocks, prices) and / or when the payment was made – in case of early payment (Payment Order, etc.).

All products are accompanied by a warranty certificate. The fiscal invoice will be issued on paper.

The transfer of ownership of the product will be transferred to Buyer after the payment has been made.

9. Payment Methods

Payment of the order is made:

  • Based on the 3-day pro forma invoice.
  • For payment with bank transfer, IBAN account will be used: RO03BTRL02401202P38456XX, TRANSILVANIA Bank Iasi.
  • Payment to the courier on delivery of the product.
  • Online payment by using a bank card (secure payment method via MobilPay).

When making an on-line order, the Customer declares that he or she is aware of and fully agrees with the above.

SC UT4FB Control S.R.L.

10. Copyright information on intellectual property

All the materials (text and images) on the www.ut4fb.ro site are copyrights of intellectual property. All rights of use are owned and controlled by S.C. UT4FB Control S.R.L.

For any copyright infringement, please write to us at: office@ut4fb.ro

11. Privacy Policy and Data Protection Information

SC UT4FB Control S.R.L, as the owner of the online store ut4fb.ro, knows the importance of your data and is committed to protecting their privacy and security. It is important for us to provide you in an integrated and practical manner with the information regarding your personal data processing as targeted persons (users of the online shop www.ut4fb.ro, customers, potential customers) within this Processing Policy of personal data applicable to the purposes listed on the dedicated Privacy Policy page.

12. Conciliation

If you encounter problems with an order, please contact us at comenzi@ut4fb.ro, or by calling 0374 624 200.