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Industrial Processes
Complete solutions for controlling and automating industrial processes. Development and commissioning of GSM / GPRS data acquisition systems and SCADA software development.
Building Management Systems
Complete solutions for real-time centralized monitoring, control, recording and real-time display of all systems in a
Electrical Installations
Complete solutions for the design and implementation of electrical installations to increase energy efficiency and comfort in shopping centers, office buildings, industrial buildings, hotels and hospitals.

We know water

Pumping Stations
(For drinking water, waste water, fire)

Built from high quality materials that give pumping stations a longevity.
Water Treatment Systems
We develop complete solutions through innovative technology applications and use the highest quality equipment and performance for water treatment, respecting safety standards and a healthy environment.

Integrated Sustainable Development Solutions

Automation solutions to reduce costs by reducing water consumption and losses.

Energy efficiency services by conducting an audit and energy balance that have the effect of lowering costs, improving quality and reducing energy losses.

Modernizing through automation and providing more efficient production systems.

Automation solutions to reduce the pollution of production systems.

Automation solutions to optimize raw material consumption and reduce losses.


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